Bad battery (jumpstart needed)

There is nothing more aggravating than coming outside to your car jumping in and turning the key & click: nothing happens. Whether your late for work, heading to get a meal or just taking a cruise your first thought may be, “What is wrong now?” When this happens it could be a few things:

*A bad starter

*A bad ignition

*A bad battery

Now, there are factors to take into consideration. Maybe all the lights are on on the dashboard and you just hear a click when you turn the key. This would indicate a faulty starter. There are other times that the lights on the dashboard wont budge when your attempting to turn the motor over. This would be a indicator you may have a bad ignition switch and it’s not getting a signal. Sometimes those same lights are just dim or don’t show up at all when trying to turn the key. Most times it is a simple battery that’s to low to turn the engine over.

Power probe to test battery voltage in Avon Park, Florida

Whether you left your lights on or there is a small battery drain. You can count on us to get your vehicle jumpstarted and rolling again!

We have easy solutions to this problem and you can call Seasall, LLC @ (407)-549-9023 to help get your car jumpstarted and back on the road! If you find yourself needing a

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Seasall, LLC is now offering a guide to roadside assistance success course!

We are excited to be launching a full course, in text and video, of how to launch and run a roadside assistance business that will get you from 0 to 1000 in no time! If you ever wanted to learn the ins and outs of the roadside industry, this is the place to be! All members will learn:

  • How to get started setting up the business
  • How to register with the Federal and local municipalities
  • How to partner with the BIG companies
  • Learn what prices to charge for your services
  • Where to source the customers
  • Payment methods
  • Safety practices
  • What tools are used for less amount of damage


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Safety stored in your pocket

Every time we get a call at Seasall, LLC there is a hint of frustration on the other end. Some calls are pleasant, while some calls are frantic attempts from individuals on the other end to get help, NOW! This is where we come into play. Being mechanics, we are an extension of some peoples life line. If you come to town and ask someone, “what is a good restaurant to eat at?” Most people have an idea. Yet, if you ask, “you know a good mechanic company?”  they may shrug there shoulders at best. Having in mind what you need, leads to finding what you want.

There are many things I feel that everyone should have ready at any giving time when it comes to cars, trucks, SUVs, and the like.

  1. A good mechanic on speed dial

There is nothing like driving along a beautiful road and all of a sudden get a flat. While some have the tools in the truck, factory equipment leaves you to fighting the dangers of traffic, weather and all the other uncertainties when attempting to do such a job.

2. A tow truck company

In most events, this will not be the case but you never know when you may run out of coolant, bust a hose, or break a belt. Some jobs can be preformed at the location the vehicle breaks down and others can’t. In any event, we also offer this service as a courtesy to our customers in need, even if we aren’t doing the repair.

3.  Pre-inspection checks before pulling out of the driveway.

We all have found ourselves at one time or another running low on gas when we thought we had more or with a tire a bit on the empty side when we come outside. Not only can this cause you to lose valuable time, but the headache of having to fix the problem now exists. These are small and even rare occurrences but they do happen. Having a quick check of things around you can save time and headache while on the road ahead.

Seasall, LLC urges all customers and even non customers to have this type of information on hand prior to any trip. Not only does it save a lot of time, but it saves yourself from having the frantic calls to the first person you find online. We are here to help 24/7 365 serving the areas of Highlands, Polk, Osceola, Hardee, West Orange and South lake counties.

If you find you need automotive help from a jump-start, fuel delivery, lockout, tire change, or tow, or more, don’t delay call today! (407)-271-6040 and let our certified mechanics come to you! (407)-271-6040

You can almost be prepared for everything

Sometimes in the field you run into troubles that are beyond you. I had the pleasure and I do mean pleasure, of working on a leaking tire in the pouring rain just the other day. It didn’t go as well as it normally does but there were a few factors working against us.

First, I was already in the field heading to do something completely different. On this particular occasion, I was picking up a car to take to the yard for personal gains and got  a call that someone was in need right across the street. We don’t hesitate to get someone back on the road, bottom line, we value our customers safety. So, not hesitating, I went over to assist the customer. Which brought me to the next set of issues.

Second, the customers spare tire and full size rim were both flat. That may seem like a no brainer to just change the tire and put on the spare but within that was the trouble: It was flat! I usually carry a very small pump with me to help customers out in this particular type of situation but, the bead wasn’t sealed on the spare and the nail in the primary tire was to big to fill before the air came right back out.

This brings us to the last main issue that arose from this disastrous attempt and that was the slim fit placement of the lug nut wouldn’t allow anything I had on me to get on the lug nut. This was by far the worst part because not only could I not take the rim off to patch it, I literally had to call a tow truck, just to get it to the nearest tire shop.

Not to mention after all this ,the customer gave me a cursing like no other and refused to comment to dispatch about the attempt to even help her. Not to sound to upset but it was also intermittently raining. You can try to help customers but you have to know your limit.

What was learned from this?

  1. You can never have enough tools
  2. There is no limit to the amount of effort you may have to put into any job
  3. The customers are almost always right

Although I couldn’t help her, the fact that I didn’t have the right tools at the right time made us lose a customer. That’s never a good sign for the company or the individual but you never know what your dealing with until you get there. Moral to the entire story, we will be getting a tow truck soon to avoid any job we can’t handle on the road. In other words, to make a customer happy and return, give them what they want.

Here is a quick video of the attempt and the customer is pacing in the background. I apologized intently but some people aren’t that forgiven.