Bad battery (jumpstart needed)

There is nothing more aggravating than coming outside to your car jumping in and turning the key & click: nothing happens. Whether your late for work, heading to get a meal or just taking a cruise your first thought may be, “What is wrong now?” When this happens it could be a few things:

*A bad starter

*A bad ignition

*A bad battery

Now, there are factors to take into consideration. Maybe all the lights are on on the dashboard and you just hear a click when you turn the key. This would indicate a faulty starter. There are other times that the lights on the dashboard wont budge when your attempting to turn the motor over. This would be a indicator you may have a bad ignition switch and it’s not getting a signal. Sometimes those same lights are just dim or don’t show up at all when trying to turn the key. Most times it is a simple battery that’s to low to turn the engine over.

Power probe to test battery voltage in Avon Park, Florida

Whether you left your lights on or there is a small battery drain. You can count on us to get your vehicle jumpstarted and rolling again!

We have easy solutions to this problem and you can call Seasall, LLC @ (407)-549-9023 to help get your car jumpstarted and back on the road! If you find yourself needing a

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