How to jumpstart a car or truck?

In this article, we’re going to dive into some of the tactics to jump starting your car.

Jumpstart attempt in Avon Park

So why such a simple process made hard? There’s a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings on how to properly do this, what tools to use and where to place them.

In this article we are going to make it simple for you to understand and become a pro for your next jump start opportunity!

First, why would you need a jump start? Where I am located in Florida it gets extremely hot and heat can kill batteries prematurely. Consequently, if you’re in the area too cold it can also have a negative effect on the battery’s performance.

One indicator of a battery being bad or no electrical functions in the vehicle.

Another indicator of a bad battery that may need to be jumped is dimming of headlights.

Yet again, another example is a vehicle that wants to crank up and slowly turns over but can’t quite go fast enough to make it happen.

So what are you doing these instances?

First you’re going to pop the hood and locate your battery.

Once looking at the battery there is going to be two terminals one is positive the other is negative.

The positive is usually identified by the red cable or terminal cover.

Be very careful because sometimes people can mix these covers up but usually red indicates hot or positive ions flowing.

Secondly, the negative which go straight to ground is typically black.

If you’re confused or let’s say there’s colors that don’t make sense or are non-existent typically the power side or 12 volt side is a thicker gauge wire.

If you still can’t tell once you’re looking at it from that perspective you would see the negative or ground going directly to metal on the chassis.

If you’re using jumper cables then you want to verify both ends of the jumper cables are free of any obstructions.

If the cars are together you would put one side on positive first.

Next you would put negative on and then vice versa on the opposite car or a truck.

If you’re using a jump box then it’s even simpler put the red to the positive side and the black to the negative side simply cut on the jump box and crank up the vehicle.

If you’re using jumper cables make sure the vehicle you’re using to jump from is running.

Once you have the vehicle started, you will simply remove both positive connections first then negative and you’re done.

Hopefully the car you just jumped off stage running and you’re off to the races.

If you need help with the jump start don’t hesitate to call 407-549-9023.

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